Three Phase Plan to make a difference in the lives of our children.

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Circle Ranch: The Solution

The Circle Ranch program is a direct reflection of our Mission Statement.  We will provide an environment filled with grace, love and service which foster emotional healing in reclaiming the lives of children who have suffered unimaginable abuse, neglect and tragedy.  Every child deserves a home, a family and a chance.  The Circle Ranch program will be based on a Christian professional approach to service these children.  We will operate on the principles below to provide the best opportunity for the total development of the child.  (Total development includes spiritual, physical, emotional and intellectual.) 

Christian Family and Home System


Every child will be part of a Christian family and home system. In almost every case, a child’s circumstances will make it necessary to remain on the ranch through high school graduation. Long term placement provides an opportunity where healing and change can occur for each child.

Each individual home will be a Christian family built on the belief that a family is the primary group in which each child derives his identity. The child will also be considered to be part of the ranch Christian family. The home system will be the most critical area of Circle Ranch. Regardless of the reason a child is in placement, healing begins with the ranch home.


Christian Houseparents

A Christian family and home system begins with a Christian houseparent couple. Recruitment of houseparents will be considered nationally and with careful screening and multiple interviews. Houseparents with exceptional character, integrity, and family building skills will be those hired, without exception to the qualifications listed above. They will be required to complete prescribed training prior to being responsible for a group of children. Circle Ranch will provide this training and will also provide resources and support for raising the children. Houseparents will provide love, nurturing, structure, consistency, and discipline the children  need and deserve.


Homes Each home at Circle Ranch will be constructed to prevent an institutional setting but will each have it’s own home characteristics. Homes will be built for four (4) ranch children and the houseparents.

Christian Service 


The goal of Circle Ranch is to help children experience satisfying and functional roles in a healthy Christian ranch family.  We promote an emotionally safe environment in which children have mental health support to assist them in developing productive lifestyles.  All members of Circle Ranch will be trained annually in the most up-todate child care.  Every member of the ranch, regardless of title or role, offers valuable insight into each child.


Circle Ranch will provide each child with an introduction to spiritual truth and opportunities for commitment, dedication and spiritual growth.  Spiritual development will be available through teaching, training and observing Christian principles lived out on the ranch, and will be shared with our children on a daily basis.

Managing Child Care Team


A managing Child Care Team is the most effective approach in providing the best possible services for our children.  The Child Care Team will consist of a Christian Counselor, Life Skill Director and Houseparents.  Each member will have a specific role but the success of the team will be through their interaction and working as a team for the distinct needs of each child. 

Christian Counselor  

The procedures for admission, referrals, and records for the resident children will be carried out by the Christian Counselor as team leader. 

Life Skill Director

The Life Skill Director and Counselor will work together to develop a plan with long and short term goals for each individual child.  The Counselor will design and implement the program for each child and will work with the Business and Financial Director ensuring that financial and property management can effectively support the program.


The Houseparents, as members of the team, will maintain Christian therapeutic methods and teach basic life skills in the home. 

Case Plan of Service for Children


All children admitted to Circle Ranch will be examined and assessed by our Child Care Team.  A program will be tailored to each child according to their needs, strengths and weaknesses.  Areas that will be assessed are spiritual, educational, family relationships, social psychological, physical, behavioral, life skills and vocational.  The Child Care Team will then recommend goals and strategies for a child to reach for these goals.  As children experience success in reaching goals it enhances their ability to take advantage of opportunities provided through other program areas such as family support, church, work programs, school, mental health and the life skill program.  A child’s participation in programs will depend on their needs, interest and case plan


Circle Ranch believes that each child is unique and is a hero inside with strengths and weaknesses to be discovered, developed and worked with.  An assessment will be done by the Child Care Team upon admittance and the individualized plan implemented.  We feel this individualized plan to be the very foundation for the healing process to begin. 

Life Skills Program


The Life Skills Program will be implemented for each child as they are admitted to Circle Ranch.  This program will be tailored to each child according to their age.  The program’s primary focus will be to guide our children from dependence on structured external controls to the internalization of their own self control and competent decision making skills.  Each child will be encouraged to develop the ability to recognize and take advantage of opportunities for appropriate independent behavior. 


All children at the Ranch will participate in the Program.  At the age of 15 years, the Program will focus more on detailed instruction and more exposure to daily living skills, thus increasing independence.  Our goal is in teaching them to adapt and function in a less restrictive environment. Each child will be different, some reaching a higher level than others.  Circle Ranch is committed to do everything to ensure that each child will reach his/her fullest potential in every area of his/her life. 


Children will be prepared for adult living through instruction, modeling, practice and performance of independent living skills.  We realize that life skills are a process learned over time thus each child will be monitored in development throughout their stay at the Ranch.  Listed below are some of the life skills that will be taught: 

  • Daily Walk with God
  • Health
  • Hygiene
  • Personal Appearance
  • Food management and healthy living
  • Money management
  • Housekeeping
  • Emergency and safety skills
  • Interpersonal and social skills
  • Leisure activities
  • Time Management
  • Educational Planning
  • Job seeking skills
  • Job maintenance skills
  • Knowledge of community and resources
  • Legal skills
  • Housing

Goals of the Program

We have set the following goals for our program to help each child heal from their past and develop hope for a brighter future. 

  • To provide an environment for the children who come to Circle Ranch to hear, see and experience the love of Jesus Christ. 
  • To establish a safe environment where children can develop in all areas of their lives. 
  • To create a loving stable home environment where children can experience and see how a Christian family is lived out each day
  • To teach and model healthy relationships with each other. 
  • To develop and/or improve good study skills and academic performance – improving reading skills will be an important part of each child’s academic development. 
  • To provide programs including hobbies and life skills where children can build confidence and self esteem to better equip them for adulthood.