Phase 1: Capital Projects & Campaign Total

 Land (1)       $700,000
 The approximate price for 150 acres within the Greene County, Morgan County areas
2 Children’s Homes (2)      $720,000
 One boy’s home and one girl’s home.  Each home will be approximately 3,000 square feet to house four children and a house parent couple and their children.  The cost of the home includes furnishings and appliances. 
Admin. Office & Children’s Learning Center (3) $750,000
 Administration Office and Children’s Learning Center.  This building will be approximately 5,000 square feet.  This will be the location for the administrative offices, staff meetings, board meetings and counseling sessions with counselors and children.  Children will be tutored here as well as taking part in computer classes.  Library resources will be available at this location as will home schooling thru grade eight
Staff Housing   $615,000

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During Phase I, a home will be built for the executive Director and a home for Interns.  The home for the Executive Director will be 2500 square feet.  The home for the Intern Housing will be approximately 3,000 square feet housing up to six interns.  This home will be similar to a duplex with two completely separate living areas                                                                   

  • Executive Director (4) 
  • Intern Housing (5) 

 Land Development     $300,000

  • Roads
  • Well System
  • Tree Removal
  • Landscape
  • Recreation Area

Food/Clothing Warehouse (6)       $50,000
 An aluminum warehouse will be constructed to store dry goods, refrigerated and freezer items, and also donated goods.  The warehouse will have an industrial refrigerator and freezer.  Additional equipment will be stored in this building as well. 
Equestrian Program $185,000

  • Barn, Stables
  • Riding Rink, Tack
  • Maintenance Equipment to run the Program (Tractor, etc) 

(2)        $60,000

For each children’s home, a $30,000 six to eight passenger van is necessary to transport the family. 

  • 1 @ Home/ 8 Passenger