Our Guiding Principles

Jody Sandwick, Circle Ranch Inc. and Girl Scout Troop 60173
  • Jesus Christ is central
  • We will be prayer driven as we believe without faith we cannot clarify God’s mission for Circle Ranch
  • We will remain faithful to our Vision
  • Our Mission Statement will be reflected in our activities
  • Circle Ranch will be entirely a non-profit organization.  Funds will be accepted from private donors to the extent that it does not jeopardize our Mission Statement
  • Circle ranch will be debt free
  • We will live within our means.  Capital developments will never supersede our ability to maintain the ongoing support of the ranch
  • We will seek the council of others when needed
  • We will commit ourselves to excellence in every aspect of our organization including our staff, the ranch environment, programs and business practices
  • We will continue to develop Circle Ranch and programs for the development of the children
  • We will strive to always be an asset to the area in which we live and to take an active role within the community
  • We will at all times be open and honest with our constituency
  • Truth and truthfulness will be essential within the community of Circle Ranch
  • If Circle Ranch cannot meet the needs of the child, we shall assist and make every effort to refer them to other agencies or ministries within the area.