Land Donation Article in Herald Journal on December 10, 2015

The following article appeared in the December 10, 2015 issue of the Herald Journal.

Circle Ranch Seeking Possible Land Donation

Circle Ranch, Inc. will be a Christ centered long term care home for children who have been neglected, abandoned, and abused, and are in need of alternative housing.

A 501c3 non-profit organization, it is incorporated by the state of Georgia, and is presently in the fundraising stage.

The primary service area will be region 5 plus Putnam County of the Department of Family and Children Services.  The counties included are Barrow, Clarke, Elbert, Greene, Jackson, Jasper, Madison, Morgan, Newton, Oconee, Oglethorpe, Putnam, and Walton.

Circle Ranch is seeking a possible land donation within the counties of Greene, Morgan, Oconee, or Putnam, as these counties are more the center of the service area.  The land should be between 75 and 100 acres and be suitable for both ranch and residential living.  The land should include some pasture, some wooded, and a water source of some kind.  There could be a flowing creek, a spring, a working pond, a river, or a lake.  The land should be within a reasonable distance from schools, a hospital, and a local community.  The property may or may not have structures located on it.

When considering a land donation, there can be certain tax advantages depending on ones individual tax status.  An individual’s personal tax accountant should always be consulted before making a decision.

Within the counties of our service area, we have hundreds of children who must be removed from their homes and these counties have lost almost 45% of their foster homes.  Many times these children must be removed from their own communities to the other side of the state or wherever there is a vacancy.  These children go through much trauma not only from being removed from their own homes but also having to enroll in new schools, find new friends, and adjust to a new families.  These children are victims of circumstances, not of their own doing and desperately need our help.  DFCS simply does not have enough options for alternative housing.

Circle Ranch will provide a structured, stable, Christ centered environment, where these children can live and heal.  They will be cared for and loved by Christian house parents and staff.  Our help is needed to provide alternative housing in a safe, secure, loving, environment to help these children heal, so these cycles will not continue to be repeated.

If you would like more information or have any questions, you may visit us at our website, or contact Jody Sandwick, Executive Director, at 706-467-0004 or 706-817-1557.  Donations can be made on our website or mailed to Circle Ranch, 1330 Tal Lewis Road, White Plains, Ga. 30678.

Weinberger’s Furniture Fall Festival

The November 21st Weinberger’s Furniture Fall Festival was a great success!

olunteer Ellen Wisdom and Board member Vickie Rozier assist a potential client who was “thinking of Christmas Gifts.”

Also, one of our Board members, Joyce Kender is ready to sell the flirty ranch skirts.

A big thank you to all who took part.

CR Joins 4 Chambers

In May of 2015 the Board of Directors of Circle Ranch voted to join four Chambers of Commerce within the center of the primary service area.  Joined were Greene County Chamber, Eatonton-Putnam Chamber, Morgan County Chamber and the Oconee Chamber.

During the summer months many events have been attended and will continue to be attended throughout the year.  Networking with business people from these communities has been very effective in helping to get the word out about Circle Ranch and its mission for children in need.

Help Us Build Circle Ranch!

We are looking for a land donation of approximately 100 acres of farm or pasture land combined with some wooded property that has water access — lake, river, creek or spring-fed pond in our primary service areas of Greene, Putnam, Morgan, and Oconee counties. Less acreage could be considered if expansion options are available. Property must be suitable for ranch living as well as residential housing and may or may not have structures present.

Should have easy access from main thoroughfares and reasonable distance to schools, hospitals, and main community.

Circle Ranch is a 501c3 non-profit ministry. All donations are tax-deductible.


Chili Cook-Off

Chili Cook-Off Article

It was a fun evening last Friday night in Athens at the Chili Cook-off. We had great success in getting the word out about Circle Ranch.

Our awesome Hearty Ranch Chili which was prepared and generously donated by Ann Caccato from Greensboro. We accompanied our chili samples with a dab of sour cream and a small piece of Mexican cornbread. Everyone loved both!!

So …. we’re passing along our cornbread recipe. Try it; you and your guests will love it!

Mexican Corn Bread

2 pkgs Jiffy Corn Muffin Mix
2/3 cup liquid oil
2 cups sour cream
1 8oz can Creamed Corn
4 eggs
1 tbsp dill weed
Optional – 1 can green chilies drained and chopped

Mix all together and pour into a greased 9 by 13 pan.

For thicker corn bread, bake at 350 for about 45 minutes.

Test center with tooth pick.

For thinner corn bread pour into a jelly roll pan and bake at 350 for about 25 minutes.


Lack of Local Housing for Children Removed by DFCS

In December of 2014 Circle Ranch was incorporated by the State of Georgia and was granted a 501c3 by the Internal Revenue Service.

Circle Ranch evolved from a desperate need for the children who have been abandoned or have suffered trauma and must be removed from their homes in our primary service area in Northeast rural Georgia.  Our primary service area will be DFCS Region 5.  The Counties within this service area are Barrow, Clarke, Elbert, Greene, Jackson, Jasper, Madison, Morgan, Oconee, Oglethorpe, Walton and Putnam.  Our secondary service area will be DFCS Region 7 consisting of the counties of Burke, Columbia, Glascock, Hancock, Jefferson, Jenkins, Lincoln, McDuffie, Richmond Taliaferro, Warren, Washington and Wilkes counties.

According to DFCS we presently have 700 children from Region 5 in foster care.  In the last few years DFCS Region 5 has lost over 43% of its foster homes and 39% of the children who must be removed from their homes must be transported to facilities on the other side of the state where there is a vacancy.

Region 5 has only one private facility which houses 13 children. At present Greene County does not have any foster homes for these children.  DFCS simply does not have enough options for alternative housing for children who are in need within our communities.

Children who must be removed from their homes or are abandoned suffer great trauma because of circumstances not of their doing.  When these children must be transported hundreds of miles away they must also leave their friends, change schools and adjust to a new family, thus adding even more trauma in their young life.

Scripture tells us in Mark 9:36-37 “Whoever welcomes one of these little children in my name welcomes me; and whoever welcomes me does not welcome me but the one who sent me.”

Circle Ranch is presently in the funding stage to build the ranch.  We have also begun a land search within our primary region that would be suitable for the ranch.  If you would be interested in partnering with us in any way please contact us at