Our Children's Needs Are Serious | Our Mission Is Clear


One of the most fragile things on this earth is the heart of a child. Everyday so many of these hearts are shattered by abuse, neglect and abandonment. Hearts are broken through substance abuse in the home or shattered as a result of domestic violence. Many of these children have suffered trauma that we cannot even imagine.

It is difficult for each of us to fathom who would break the heart of an innocent child although over and oven again it happens right here within our own community.  With each passing day the numbers of abuse and neglect continue to rise.

According to a recent article in the Eatonton Messenger Georgia ranks close to the bottom (42) in the nation for child well-being.  I often hear, “ Isn’t Foster Care being paid for through our taxpayers dollars? Yes, this is true, although the Department of Family and Children’s Services (Foster Care) simply have too many kids and too few homes. 


Our Service area has lost almost 50% of foster homes in the last few years. These children entrusted to us as a community need our help to provide a home and bring hope to these fragile hearts so that healing can begin.

You may help by making a donation on our website  or mail to Circle Ranch at 1330 Tal Lewis Road, White Pains, Georgia.  For more information visit us at circleranchinc.org or email us at circleranch@windstream.net. Circle Ranch is a 501c3 and all donations are tax deductible.

Jody Sandwick
Executive Director

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